From 9 to 13 July Portogruaro hosted LevelUp’s Joint Staff Training for a group of about 20 teachers and educators working in educational institutions and youth organizations in Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia, who arrived in Eastern Veneto to learn and appreciate games as educational and social inclusion tools.

Living the city as an educational space, between activities in the municipal park, lessons at the prestigious Portogruaro Campus site and the streets of the center, the course participants learned participatory and playful teaching methods and shared their professional experiences to keep up-to-date and find inspiration for classroom activities.

Organized by the Association 2050 which operates in Portogruaro since 2014, the training week focused on using the game-based approach to support education, inclusion and active participation in the framework of the “LevelUp” project – funded by the ERASMUS + program.

“We need to review the paradigms of education for the new generations. Teachers find themselves increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity of the education system and the world that changes at an exponential speed, “recalls Sandra Rainero, president of 2050 and trainer” It’s up to them to reinvent their relationship with their students, and they can do with small game strategies, this is the main message of this course “.

The program included experts’ lessons, with moments of gamification, activities for the development of students’ “soft” skills and coding. The teachers also visited the Ludoteca in Udine, where, among ingenious games, marshmallow challenges, traditional games for all ages, they learned the value of games for community-building and interaction.

A hunt for the treasures of Portogruaro and the cooking session for team building gave way to get to know the city and the delicacies of the eastern Veneto.

Info: Associazione 2050 (

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