Associazione 2050




The Association 2050 was established in 2011 to foster social innovation and public awareness on the changes that increasing diversity and cultural heterogeneity are bringing to European societies.

Quoting from its statute, 2050 aims to contribute to refreshing individual and collective capacities to understand and positively influence the changes and challenges that are transforming our living together.

The main strength of 2050 is its composite galaxy of member experts, coming from different and complementary social and economic fields and active in research, social and economic issues, capacity-building and training, territorial marketing and territorial cooperation.

2050 is a small association, but it can rely, through the extensive experience of its members on positive relations with local, regional and National stakeholders, institutions, authorities, in particular local authorities and educational institutions and civil society.

Associazione 2050
Via Liguria, 3
Portogruaro – Italy