Ayuntamiento de Altea

Altea is a municipality located in the Mediterranean coast in the province of Alicante (Valencia Community), Spain. The Municipality of Altea focused on several areas such as: youth engagement, environment, urbanism, and equality. Currently, it is empowering the EU Cooperation Programs and the Local Development Department. One of the core business is the SWOT analysis to check the necessities of the citizens. 

As a result, Altea focuses on the access to fundamental rights, autonomy, and the participation of young people in the civic life. The municipality of Altea has 21.7000 inhabitants (2017) and more than 30% are immigrants (19% from the EU). In this sense, immigrant’s community has an important role in the city life and this is the cause that justifies the special interest of the Municipality in the social inclusion of immigrants and their families. 

Municipality of Altea has an education area that is responsible for providing support service as well as managing educational resources of municipal competence. This area of the City Council has a constant and dynamic relationship with the school education centres of the city, collaborating also in different initiatives at local and at European Level.

Altea has developed various initiatives involving youth work and training support for young citizens and children.  Furthermore, the Municipality of Altea is one of the founding members of Douelage Program. The Douzelage is a town twinning association with one town from each European member states. The Douzelage movement received the European recognition in 1993 when it was honoured by the European Commission with the “Golden Stars of Twinning”. The aims of the Douzelage are to promote and foster the sprit of Europe and to establish among others educational, economic, tourist, sporting and cultural links between the towns for the mutual benefit of the inhabitants thereof.

Ayuntamiento de Altea

Plaza José Maria Planelles, 1

Altea – Spain