Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman

Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman is the leading state public institution in Teleorman County, Alexandria Town. It is responsible for the professional development of teachers and support staff in secondary education through training programs and training activities, whose duty is to provide a framework conducive to personal and professional development of staff in secondary education by promoting innovation and by increasing quality professional development programs for staff education level. The mission of the Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman is to promote innovation and reform in education, to provide the framework for personal and professional development of staff in secondary education in the county, in line with professional standards for the teaching profession, quality standards and professional skills, in accordance with national policies and strategies in education.

We work with all kinds of educational and training activities in pre‐school, primary, secondary, vocational and adult education in the city of Alexandria and of the our district.

The staff of our institution is made up as follows: a director, a computer, 3 methodologists, a librarian, a secretary and an accountant. Training activity of our institution is provided by external trainers, teachers in schools and colleges county, proposes training courses to the needs of teachers. Offer training includes courses in various fields: management educational competencies in assessment, formal and non-formal education.

So, Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman is:

a) the organizer and provider training programs for teachers, leadership, guidance and control;

b)  resource center, innovation and expertise in continuous training of teachers, support staff and educational managers;

c)  information and documentation center and consulting staff in secondary education;

d) organizing center for scientific, methodological and cultural rights;

e)  publishing of books in the field of education;

f) management counseling in personal and organizational development processes

Casa Corpului Didactic Teleorman

Str. Carpati, 15

140059, Alexandria – Romania