Drustvo Za Razvijanje Prostovoljnega dela Novo Mesto

DRPDNM is a nongovernemtal and humanitarian organization working in the public interest in the field of youth, social protection and culture. Since our establishment in 1993 we are tending to reach our vision which is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all by integrating socially excluded groups, promoting active citizenship and participation (especially among youth), encouraging the development of NGO sector and civil dialogue. By enaging in various project, national and European, we tend to promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, work with socially excluded people and similar. For this reason, one of our big work is done at daily center for children immigrants and Roma children. Besides that, we run regional NGO hub. Through our projects we are building a strong connection with the community. We are focusing on  innovation and flexibility – constant new approaches, methods and contents based on current needs of target groups and ensuring their active participation. Last but not least, 

Fusion of culture, social work and information, preserving cultural identity represents one of the biggest role of our vision as well.


Rozmanova unica, 30

8000, Novo Mesto – Slovenia