Wesley János Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Szakiskola és Gimnázium

In 2004, in the place of the former Hungarian Railways Estate School of Budapest, he Hungarian Evangelical Fellowship founded John Wesley Nursery, Elementary School, Vocational School and Grammar School. 

It can be stated that almost 100% of our students are coming from an underprivileged are of Budapest (10th district). They have Roma origin and their families are socially disadvantaged. Often the children are at-risk of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence. 

In the school year of 2018/2019 we had a total 109 children enrolled to our school. In our institution we have pupils from families originated in Transylvania and Romania, who left their country because of social difficulties and considered to be economical migrants.

Besides the day school, we offer an opportunity for those who are already above the school age, however they decided to finish primary school and secondary education and receive the school leaving exam. In this so-called evening school amongst our students there are migrant people who are originally from Afghanistan and Syria.

In the latest school year there has been a change in the leadership of the institutions, which brought a new kind of teaching style. Instead of the frontal education, we try to use more and more project based classes and engage our students more in a curriculum which requires active participations. The small number of students in each of our class makes the usage of that specific teaching style more effective. Through project based education we aim to strengthen the key competencies of our students such as learning to learn, social skills, problem solving skill, assertive communication skills, etc. By enable the kids to use these abilities can contribute to their break out from the circle of poverty they are in and stop the reproduction of their family’s situation.

We offer several after school activities (e.g. football club, infocommunication club, quiz club, music group, group activities session for teenager girls; mentoring program, drama pedagogy, etc) for the students where they have a chance to spend their free time effectively. We developed a strong contact with an NGO active in the area from where many of our students are coming. We try to use this co-operation in order to ease the burden of our students and help their transition from primary to secondary education.

Furthermore, a psychologist, a social worker and from time to time several interns and volunteers are present to offer activities and services to the students that are tailored to their actual needs.

Wesley János Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Szakiskola és Gimnázium

38 MÁV telep

Budapest – Hungary